A bathroom rendered with V-Ray.


Looks really good. Kind of surprised I’m the only one to comment.

I really liked,I think you could improve the window with more details,and some details in washbasin
excuse my bad english,good luck…

Very nice! The lighting is really good!

Great job, I like it!

great lightning! a little more detail and the scene will stand out.

I agree fully, great lighting and adding detail will make this a really great image. :slight_smile:

I love the camera view, keep up the good work CMOS

It looks great; I agree with all of the previous comments. Though I am wondering why the window reflection in the mirror is blurred; typically, a mirror would be as sharp as possible so people could use it a lot easier.

love the lighting

Thank you very much for the mostly positive comments. I added a soap dish and a bit of depth to the windows. I also increased the Anit-Aliasing to 6 but these sharp edges are still there.


Put something on the right side of the scene. All tht negative space needs something to fill it up. Maybe a simple wastebasket or something. Great lighting though!

Hey, i don’t know if you did it but if you didn’t, your window needs to be thicker. It looks like a plane and taking of realism i think. My opinion.
The rest of the scene is very nice , i like your sink texture.

I add depth to the window but the strong brightness hiding it.

Just a hand… Belonging to the guy who just slipped in the shower and broke his neck… Something for the Blender Guru ‘Goodbye’-contest, hehe… :smiley:

The thing is, windows usually are blown out, so I like it - Cycles forces people to become more realistic, kinda… :slight_smile: