Hello !
I’ve started a new WIP a few days ago. It’s still fresh and far from complete so I know things are missing, lighting needs improvement, camera’s no good, etc etc.
But I’d take anything, any critics, comments, suggestions, everything ! :smiley:

Thanks in advance, there it is :


Cheers :slight_smile:

As you said, the scene still is pretty empty. Also I find that the contrast between the bricks is a bit heavy. You can hardly see the faucets because of this. I like the design of the shower, although the shower head is still missing :slight_smile: The colours make the bathroom look clean and refreshing. I’m looking forward to seeing the final result :slight_smile:

Thank you !
I’ll try to improve that walls. They probably won’t be symmetrical in the end either, so it should be less disturbing :slight_smile:
The shower head is ont he wayy !
And yes, I’m trying to manage the colors so they’re in the same tone, to get that “clean look”.

Thank you again, it’s encouraging :slight_smile:

Hi everyone !
I’ve done a bit of work on this project, I have some doubts about where I want to take this, it’s not perfectly clear in my head, but I’m not completely lost either so I guess it could be worse ^^
This is a quick render, I know it’s full of flaws but I’ll take any feedback from you guys, thanks in advance, cheers !

Edit : the floor is really just a test, don’t be bothered I know it looks weird ^^

Hi everyone !
Small improvements but nothing crazy, still trying to twist all that around to get something both clean and interesting, harder than I thought it’d be tbh ^^
Anyway, still working on it, it has only been a week so even if it doesn’t look like I’d like it to, I don’t worry that much,
Cheers !

Wow, this really shows how much a background can change a picture.

Well that’s a place I’ll like to take a shower!
It is getting warmer inside! You can open the shower, and made some vapor?? it could be cool. and you can put condensation everywhere, and some towels in the floor. It just feels so empty now…

Nice! But where is the water coming from in the shower? From below?..

Hi all !
The mod is not finished ^^ Still a long way to go.
Thank you very much for your comments. I have to admit that I’m stuck on this project, it doesn’t look like I want it to, and I have no idea how to turn it around. So no improvements so far, the look is terrible imo and I can’t pursue it till it looks good.

I didn’t think it’d be that hard, but creating something both classy/clean and interesting is a nightmare ><

Cheers, I’ll try to come back to it soon :slight_smile:

maybe a bathtub next to that window sell the thing. don’t stop, I saw your work, you’re awesome! keep it up

Thank you for your kind comment :slight_smile:
It might but I fear it would make the scene kinda messy. I’m not giving up on the bathroom idea, but I think I’ll start over and go for something a bit different. I’ll put my ideas on paper and try again.