Hello all. Yet another archviz project. All is modeled in blender. Rendered with Cycles.


and the last one.

It took me 14 hours to model all. Client was in a hurry


After just a very very quick look:

  • Please use a high res texture for the floor.
  • I really don’t understand the door next to the bathtub. Is the wall intersecting it?
  • Probably the bathtub need a step.
  • The flush device looks horrific to me.

Totally agree with you but client paid and project is finished - there is no need to do anything more

The fact that the cupboards and the shower do not blend with the ceiling, nor that the cupboards are flush with the walls (images 2 and 4), make this bathroom a cleaning nightmare. Just imagine the amount of dust collecting there.

I also think that if you can afford this place, you can afford a border around the bath and the shower. And really…carpet on the floor next to a bath. No fun to be had in that bath then ;).

yes, but it is client’s project, only viz is mine

Nice, esp. taking time constraints! I like the chandelier a lot )) Sharp cornders could have been smoothed a bit more, a little mistake with the door indeed (looks like it is sitting in a wall with no doorway…). But still, as a speed modelling (you modeled most of it, right?) it looks very decent!