Hotel Bathroom, still have a bit of noise, any tips on how to get rid of fireflies will be very much appreciated. (Sorry the quality sucks)

Really nice lighting and materials, what did you use for your tile textures/materials?

No specific advice on how to get rid of this render’s fireflies, but things to try:

  1. Use the clamp setting in the Sampling Panel under the Render tab
  2. Uncheck Caustics (Reflective and Refractive) under Light Paths in the Render tab

Blender Guru has a bunch @

Since you have good lighting, using the current daily-release of Blender’s denoise feature will help loads. If you had poor lighting, it would not be very helpful (as it would create clouds in the render where it denoises).

blender’s brick texture for tiles, with a smudge texture on top of it. and some marble textures. i got it off of poliigon

I know that you’re trying to get a lot of material in-frame here, but the perspective distortion is quite noticeable: the vertical lines diverge quite noticeably toward the top of the frame. Consider using an orthographic view. (Camera obData setting.)

It’s looking pretty good! As far as pointers, I think a window would make it more inviting. But it is a hotel bathroom, so that may not line up with the story behind it. I see you have quite a bit of glass in the scene. Limiting your light bounces and disabling caustics will go a long way to get rid of the fireflies. Also, the camera seems to be tilting down. Interior shots are usually level.