Batman Bust Blender sculpt

This is first time using blender entirely for sculpting ,I’ve used sculpting in the past to clean up messed up vertices and flatten edges.I know there are a ton of mistakes,but is this good enough for a beginner (in sculpting). I just rendered using Open GL because the Matcap with the viewport ambient occulsion darkend the crevices .If there is any way to use matcaps as a material please do share :slight_smile: thanks

For a beginner, I would say ‘not bad’. Don’t know if critique on this piece is still welcomed… but the main forms are readable and with more time, detailing of the mask(especially around the nose) could be better.

I’d spend a little time working on the mouth and chin – and perhaps the place where the mask wraps around the jawbone – but I would be very conservative because this sculpture has expressiveness. Particularly in the exact way that you have framed and presented it in post #1. (Do smooth-out that disk, but the notion of presenting it gold-tone and on a platform that is tilted ​is creative. It looks like he is reacting with shock at something that has commanded his attention, and that he’s about to kick some ass. :)The backdrop, with that “arrow,” definitely heightens this effect. This is a good​ initial presentation of the work.