Batman Bust

A long time ago I started models of wolverine, professor x, spawn, the hulk, spiderman, a self portrait, homer simpson, and a bust of batman. I am slowly going back and completing all these projects.
My hulk is done, the BWC is over with, so now im working on my Batman bust.
Here is what I have so far.


The modeling looks very nice, you might want to work on your materials though -both skin and the rubber-plastic materials look unrealistic imo. Good work

I think that needs an improve in materials and lighting. It looks very good. :wink:
Also, i liked your Hulk scene. I wanted to start some comic modeling, from a looooong time ago… maybe in these days… :wink:

updated shot with better texture painting…i need some tips though.
im happy with everything so far…but i’d like to get in there real good with the pores texture.
there is a thread called “Warrior” that features amazing texture work…but when i try to make pours like that, blender blurs out the details…perhaps it is because i am using jpegs?