Batman Mask/Head...

Hey! Right, I was finally brave enough to try a head model type thing…and have been in a batman mood for a while haha. But this is my first ever attempt at a head/character…So a lot of mistakes will be noticeable. Please Point them out so i can learn my mistakes, Im going to Uni to study this field and would like to know some more stuff before i go.

edit: Changes it to 250, and it has made it so much better from the previous. Will be using Cycles a lot more:)


If it’s cycles, you need to turn up the samples and let it render longer.
The model looks good…hard to say anything with the fuzzy render.

Yeh thought that was the case…im new to cycles though haha. How do i turn that up?

Click on the render tab icon (the little camera) scroll down until you see a section called itegrator… open that section up. You will see a sample area … on the render one (not preview) crank that up to about 250 samples (start there) than rerender (F12). I’ve often rendered stuff with a 1000 passes, based on the scene, but start at 250 and go from there… prepare to be amazed at the difference :slight_smile:

Thanks Harleynut97, I really was amazed by the difference!:slight_smile: haha

So, ive decided to try and make the body…This is just a mix of ideas of Batmans Suits from each film pretty much…or what I like haha. Should this get moved into Work In Progress section since im now wanting to work on it more?..