Batman portrait in Photoshop

Hey everyone,

It’s been quite a while since I posted anything on here. Since I’ve spent the past month building a portfolio, which I need for admittance to Game Art at the Utrecht School of the Arts, I decided it’s about time to start training myself in 2D digital art and familiarizing myself with Photoshop.

I chose batman, not only because it’s a character with a lot of personality, but since this will go into my portfolio, i felt it should represent something that’s instantly recognised and have some existing artistic value, therefore I would like to mention my respect to comic book artists. They probably do it in 1/4 the time I did(about 15 hours). So here’s the piece, feel free to critique, I have to learn!

… he is wearing lipstick.

Very well done. This kind of charcher is really hard to paint because that rubbersuit that is meaned to look like black, but there is even white reflections.

I’m sorry freemind, I don’t see it, but maybe it’s the fact that I’m using an LED-tv and the colors look different. What kind of monitor are you using?

It’s good. I think if you used a hard edged brush, though, it would get rid of that airbrushed look. Unless that’s what you were going for?