Batman - Yafray/Blender Internal composition

Hi, folks!
There is my entry for the´s 4th contest…i spend almost two months on this work.
It is based in one comic book´s page, but with a lot of differences from the original idea, including the scenary, that have some funny details.
I hope that you like!

PS: all modeled in blender, rendered in yafray and composited some halo volumetric lights rendered with blender internal renderer…

Overall the modeling looks really nice, but I think the poses are way to stiff and aren’t very interesting. Batman looks like he’s wearing a neckbrace, and ?catwoman? just doesn’t have that cat like appeal. Also, both of them are being too washed out by the spot light, not sure if that’s due to the compositing of the two renders or if your lights are just too bright. Catwoman also looks to be floating over the ground, if you look at her calf and foot, there is no shadow at all, there is towards her torso due to the spot but there should also be shadows around the leg. And what is Batman reaching out to get, trying to cop a feel?

I love the background though with the bats and the stainglass, is that just a texture or is it modeled? Good luck on the contest! 8)

First of all, i´m sorry for my terrible english… i´ll try to answer your questions the best i can…
Thanks for the comments about the modelling… yeah, i´m shure the pose is to stiff, but the time don´t stop and i haven´t too mutch time do do the poses of both models.
Yeah, she is the catwoman…
and about the brightness i´ve done it this way to get a more cartoonish style while still some things more photorealistc…
About the shadows, you´re right… there are missing some shadows…
And… what is “try to cop a feel”?
txs for the comments…

haha And… what is “try to cop a feel”? thats awesome dude im not laughing at you i just find that funny it means he is trying to grab her breast. but anyway i like the image the scenery is real nice the characters are good, better than i can do… they are a bit stiff tho but that doesnt really bother me the only thing that bothers me is his neck looks a bit to thick

Poses are a little stuff but other than that, looks really nice, keep up the good work.

P.S.: Copping a feel means trying to get a free feel in on Catwoman, rubbing her up without her permission. :stuck_out_tongue:

<— Slang master

hehehehe… maybe batman is trying to “cop a feel” hehehehe but in my mind, when i mentalized this scene, catwoman was dying… hehehe but anyway, thanks for comments and the help with the vocabulary… heheheheheh

pa ta mto bom, o fato da catwoman ou batwoman ta demasiado liso, talvez mais umas rugas e mais sujo, a pose das maos ta um coto mal, fora isto ta mto louco mesmo parabens, o ambiente criado é sinistro e td mais, 0-5 dou 5.

see ya .HB

ae, HellBok! a roupa da mulher gato é lisa assim pq é meio de plástico mesmo… a mão ficou bem dura mesmo… é que não tive muito tempo pra detalhes… mas valew pelos comentários… eu tbm amei o clima e o ambiente… valew!

English version: HellBok told me that the catwoman´s cloths are too shiny and smooth and i answered that it is a plastic-like material and means to be like that… he told me that the hands are too stiff but the scenary is creepy and looks ok… really the hands are too stiff and i have´nt had time do change that… he also said he scores the scene with 5 in a scale of 0-5… that´s it… i hope you all understand this conversation and continue with the C&C!

There is one of the details that can´t be viewed completely in the scene… this is the vitral image… heheheh
hope you like!