I think the difference is that Man-Bat is more bat shaped, but Hartmann followed the silhouette of batman.

It’s interesting how the mask, ears, and cape are all incorporated into the silhouette.

@Harti, awesome interpretation, great artwork!


The real one

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Awesome concept and work! Congrats!

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@Zorro_Weaver @kabu @TerraSkilll Thanks for the comments and love. :wink:

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Gorgeous work, as usual.
At first I thought I was looking to a vampire, but the head silhouette actually reveals the truth.
By the way, nice way to explain why Mr. Wayne needs to wear a mask…

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Thanks buddy!

Nice work… I really like this version of Batman – it’s more of a real batman. Makes me think of a story that would fit more into the lore of something like the chupacabra or mothman. That’d be a film I’d definitely check out.

Since you did the hybrid man/bat thing, I think it might be interesting to incorporate the wings more into the arms, to give it a more realistic hybrid nature. Just a thought.

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Thanks for your reply buddy. :pray:

Btw i made the source files available on Blender Market. Currently discounted due to the summer sale.
Just in case someone wants to check out the whole project in detail. :+1:
Sale ends on monday though.

I’m watching your work for some time now, and the quality and progress are simply undeniable. I’m not a very big fan of visual horror at this moment in my life, but I still kind of enjoy them.

I like that you are staying close to human form. With human-like monsters you start asking questions. Contrary to generic demon from generic Doom-clone (not that I have anything against that kind of entertainment!) that you just shoot in the face with a shotgun.

With your portfolio you probably don’t need any inspiration, but if you ever had - give Necroscope by Brian Lumley a read if you haven’t already. There is a plethora of interesting, obscure characters that might fit your style.

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