Ok i got board and made these

quite good though the settings are quite boring


The second one is nice…

While we all know batman is black, it’s important to remember that computer generated black is…well…just a bit too black. I learned this while making my batman and you can see it in your still. It looks like someone cut a hole in your sky in the shape of batman and stuck in some eyes and skin. Either lighten him up or pop in some more lights. I can’t tell where this batmans limbs are and he looks generally flat because you used to dark of a black…or not enough lighting. But I think it’s the color itself that’s the issue.

soommeeeone saw thew Black Knight. lol. i saw it too. it was the best movie ive ever seen in my life! nice scene. i think batman himself needs more deffinition, a better texture, and maybe more muscular features.

batman is too shiny