Batman's head

Hi again. Started this yesterday, my first subsurf model so it’s a bit messy %|
I’m planning to model just head, because my computer is starting to give up already :expressionless:

It looks good, but could you put up a wireframe? I am guessing it is more high poly than it needs to be.

And I think your probably right. There are couple triangles, no clue about edgelooping and many many more… but i think this is more like practice :slight_smile:

here you go…

yes you must learn to use edge-loops and quads.

It’s actually not as high poly as i figured. But, yes, you should use less tris,…they are bad for subsurfacing.

Remade :slight_smile: …and no triangles this time

don’t mind the forehead, it’s supposed to be that way

I’ll bet that lots of people would like for you to elaborate on that, hexagon3d … :slight_smile:

Looking good! It looks like you may need another loop cut along the front to define the cheekbones, but It’s hard to tell from the one angle. Glad you removed those tris!

thanks for c&c :slight_smile:

but I have started modelling corvette. I’ll continue with this when it’s complete :slight_smile: