Batou, low-poly character.

I decided to end this project since I want to learn more about low-poly modeling before I venture into the world of weight-painting and animations.

For those who don’t know who Batou is I can tell you that he is a character in the legendary anime, Ghost in the shell. He is a special opp working for section 9 and have a long record as a marine during the last world wars.

Here is a reference image:

And thank you for all crits I got in the “work under progress” section.

Edit: Forgot about my walk-cycle-test movie on batou.


Looking very good, pretty close to the original, although I think that his hair is a little more white / grey, yours is a little dark. But hey, that’s an extremely minor thing.
Now, what about a Low-Poly Major?! :smiley:

Looks great man nice UV map work = )

Very Nicley done. I love GITS - SAC series. Probably my favorite TV show out there :slight_smile:

Maybe, I am actually thinking of doin the whole section 9 crew eventually. I am currently working on the enviroment that they are goin to be in. It’s basically a low-poly industrial city street. It takes some time to do all textures though.