BATS - Material Editing With Layers - RELEASED


(thibsert) #21

Hi, it seems awesome ! I would be happy to give it a try, if you still need testers.

(Joshua Knauber) #22

Thanks for the offer, but I think I have enough people :smile:
It’s going really well though, so I think you can expect a release relatively soon!

(Joshua Knauber) #23

The baking features are here!
You can now bake your layers to pbr textures with a single button press and it only takes a few seconds!
In addition to that you can bake a bevel mask and an ambient occlusion mask, to use in your materials. Eventually you will be able to use these in custom mask node groups as well!^

I will record a video later, showing an overview of the addon and explaining its features.

I have enough people for testing, so thanks everyone who offered their help!
The feedback I’ve gotten so far is great, so it seems like we could have a first release pretty soon!

(Joshua Knauber) #24

Here’s a video explaining most of the features of the addon. If you have any questions let me know!

(Joshua Knauber) #25

It’s getting close!!

We’re close to being done with the first release!

I added a whole bunch of new features like a way to have a thumbnail preview for loading textures, reworked layer UI and a lot more! More info on those features will be coming in the next days.
Also most of the bugs should be sorted out now:

This means you can expect a first release in about two weeks!!!
Get ready everyone, your materials are about to change!

(dimitribastos) #26

Incredible! Can’t wait. Is there any tool or any plans to include procedural masks?

(Joshua Knauber) #27

There are a few masks included, but you can add our own.

Basically everything you can put in a node group, that has one black and white output can be used as a custom mask!

(dimitribastos) #28

Nice. Don’t know if its already included or planned, but is there any features regarding hand painting with brushes or only smart materials creation?

(Joshua Knauber) #29

Something that I guess could be called smart materials can be done with node groups as well. You can create custom node groups with outputs, that represent the PBR channels. That node group can have inputs, which can then be changed by the user. So if you can pack a material in a node group and then get the outputs right you can use that as a smart material for your layers.

For hand painting with brushes it’s the default blender tools, meaning you can easily create a texture to affect a channel or a mask with the addon and it will then take you into texture painting mode to paint on it!

(Fatesailor) #30

Do you have something like curvature and dirt generators of Substance painter in it? Because those generators, mainly, are that make Substance so useful. If we want to have something that produces results near to those that Substance produce, it is necessary to give attention on having some such generators too.

(Joshua Knauber) #31

There’s the option to bake an ao and a bevel masky which can be plugged into node groups that can be used as masks. So you can have something similar to generators.

(Joshua Knauber) #32

As we’re getting closer to the release, here’s a overview over the new features:

You can now select a folder, which holds your textures. You then have a thumbnail preview, where you can select a texture set to load into a layer.

There is now the option to switch to a two panel workspace, so you don’t have to switch between the tabs all the time.


The layer UI got an overhaul. The icons now represent what is selected for the layer, to give you a better understanding of what you did with your layer. Also the opacity can now be accessed in the layer directly, without having to open a dropdown.

There were many more smaller features added and a lot of bugs fixed. I will try to release the first version of the addon as soon as possible, so get ready!

(Tosky) #33

Little Off-Topic: Do you know that Adobe bought Allegorithmic?

(Kelthor) #34

I’m stumbling in here drunk and angry from the Substance/Adobe thread. Definitely will be following this my friend!

(Joshua Knauber) #35

Yeah the timing is just…

(Joshua Knauber) #36

Just a few more days to wait!

(Dynasoul Studio) #37

Show me where to donate. Blender is well suited to creating a substance designer + painter toolset. How long are you planning on working on this?

Please seize this moment.


Donations are taken here:

(dimitribastos) #38

It’s your time (and Blender’s) to shine.

(Musashidan) #39

Mate, you couln’t have picked a better time to market this. Have you seen the news on the Adobe buyout? If I were you I’d get a ‘gofundme’ going and market the shit out of it. Substance Painter will die in the next few years. With the right direction and innovation/features you might just see yourself become a very popular man. :slight_smile:

Seriously though, the blowback from the Adobe deal is huge. People would flock to a Sub Painter alternative to avoid Adobe CC subs.

(ToshiCG) #40

Maybe it’s a good time to market an alternative tool. I don’t know but it sounds plausible. People are freaking out and stuff.
Personally I don’t think SP is going to die any time soon.