BATS - Material Editing With Layers - RELEASED


(Joshua Knauber) #61

It’s live!!!

Get BATS on blendermarket or on gumroad now:

(Rob) #62


Awesome release!

Just watched the video, but there is no layer grouping atm, like in Painter?
And how would custom/your own textures/shaders etc. fit in? You can now set a path to the asset .blendfile, but how would one add a second file to use in this system?



(Joshua Knauber) #63

No there are no layer groups yet.
You can use your custom textures by loading them into the channels. Each channel of a layer can either be set to constant (just a single value), shader (a blender node group), or texture (a texture that you can choose and edit).
So if you want to use a texture just set the channel to texture and open the texture.
There’s also multiple ways of loading full sets of pbr textures into your layer.

There can not be two asset files, but you wouldn’t add textures to that asset file anyways. To add textures use the way I just described, in the asset file you can create custom shader and mask node groups, that can also be used on layers.

(Rob) #64

Hi Joshua,

Thanks for the quick reply!
If you (at some point) add layer groups that would be awesome. :slight_smile:

Will re-watch the video to grasp the whole setup.


(Joshua Knauber) #65

Those are already on the list for future updates!
If you want you can also read the documentation on blendermarket, everything is explained in more detail there!

(Joshua Knauber) #66


Let me start by thanking everyone, who bought the addon so far! It’s been going really well and I hope your all happy with what the addon is capable of.
I mean just look at the blendermarket startpage, BATS is just everywhere!
I’m already working on a few new things, mostly UI stuff and bug fixes. If you find a bug, please let me know!

The update will also bring the option to show a 2d editor in the workspace, as well as channel opacity in the channel settings. It will probably be out tomorrow

And just in case: You can get the addon here:

(Joshua Knauber) #67

Update V1.0.1


  • Add 2D view option in settings panel
  • Add current layers name on top of editing panel
  • Add opacity value to every channel in editing panel
  • Add option to make Material/Mask tab a dropdown
  • Make two panel workspace the default
  • Renamed viewport settings to workspace settings
  • Always show shader input settings
  • Fixed an issue where the shader input settings wouldn’t show up
  • Fixed an issue with baking when selected to active was enabled

(hoverBOX Creative) #68

I’m so glad you made this. I made a video a little while back showing how this can be done manually, and it’s the biggest pain in the butt. I’ll be supporting this for sure.

(Joshua Knauber) #69

If you want to make a video about the add-on that would be awesome!!
If you decide to do so please let me know, so I can link it!

(juliand) #70

thank you for making this addon - particularly given what is happening with the sale of allegorithmic. i have just installed the update and am pleased to discover that i didn’t have to uninstall the previous version (as one sometimes has to with addons).
have you considered publicising your addon by letting bart at know about it? i only found out about your addon through the UK Slack channel (because i was looking for reaction to the substance sale and because i gave a talk on texturing at the london blender meetup a couple of weeks ago and am working on follow-up tutorials on the incredibly vital matter of texturing and materials).
best wishes,
julian darley

(Joshua Knauber) #71

What exactly do you mean with “didn’t have to uninstall the previous version”? You should follow the instructions that should be in the zip file to make sure there are no issues!

(juliand) #72

oops! i have transgressed. i will dutifully uninstall and reinstall and use the new blend file and restart blender as instructed by the instructions.
for me it would be wonderful if addons and apps installed themselves correctly (and didn’t need restarts), as i have literally hundreds of apps, addons, scripts and goodness know what else, all of which need constant updating! i also run two linux servers, and they all need updating constantly!

(Shiv0r) #73

Heyho, is it possible to change the shortcut for the hdri rotation?

(Joshua Knauber) #74

Not yet, but I’ll see if I can put it in the next update.
What would you want to change it to?

(Shiv0r) #75

I just want the ability to change it myself like the regular shortcuts in Blender.I mean that would be cool.

I personally have a custom configuration shortcut-wise and using also a tablet for blender and would probably remap it to leftclick + something else, to have better access to that.

(Joshua Knauber) #76

Ok I’ll see if I can put that in.

(Joshua Knauber) #77

Is working now, will be in the next update!

(Veezen) #78

I wonder if you have plan to upgrade BATS by adding baked maps and use them for texturing - like in Substance Painter. I would like to work on low poly asset with baked maps, and use for example curvature map for making edge wears, damages etc.

(Joshua Knauber) #79

For edge wear, there’s already the option to bake a bevel map, which I guess is similar to a curvature map, in the sense that you can get similar effects with it, but of course it would be great to have more options than Bevel and AO masks.
The baked maps can be used in custom mask node groups, so you can already do quite a lot with them and also load in your own, that you baked from HighRes models.

For other maps I’ll have to see if that’s doable with the options blender and python offer.

(y2k) #80

Ex Substance Painter Dev Welcome.