BATS - Material Editing With Layers - RELEASED

Yeah, I guess you saw that I added the instructions to reproduce the bug, but it can’t hurt to add the script as well.
I’ll let you know when I added it.

The script is now added!

this works in blender 2.8 only?

Do you mean the addon itself? Yes that makes use of Eevee, so it works in 2.8 only.

Just added support for glossiness textures. They will get imported into the roughness channel. There is a toggle next to the texture which will invert it.
That toggle will automatically be activated when a glossiness texture is imported and won’t be, if a roughness texture is imported.

This is also coming to the new update, so please go and award a token to this bug report or verify it, so the devs can get onto it as soon as possible:

I just downloaded BATS-V1.0.3-api_fix_2 to see how’s it going…
I found out that the object still needs to have a material previously in order to work, cause if it doesn’t have any it looks like bats can’t clear all nodes/ so returns an error.
the major problem I found is that with only two layers the strokes lag quite a lot, is it gonna change in the future?

Do you mean that there is an error if there’s no material in the scene?
And for the lagging, that is independent from the addon, it’s just based on your computer and the speed of Eevee. It should be faster if you set it so only the texture itself is visible and not the entire material.

That would say when u select an object with no material on it and hit “reset material”.

also this… could it be avoidable at some point? u always need to sabe the file in order to paint on it


It doesn’t matter which object is selected. The only important thing is which material is selected in the dropdown above the reset button. That is the material you’re editing.
If you don’t have a material in your scene, the dropdown is empty, which will result in an error.

And about saving the file: The textures you paint on are saved in a folder next to your file. The reasoning behind this is, that you would probably never edit materials on an object, which you never saved anywhere.

I purchased your addon, and i have 1 question & 1 Idea.

  • Question:
    I look UI a little different from the demo image, do I forget something?

  • Idea:
    Currently, we can only create 1 mask / 1 layer, so if we can create and mix multi masks / 1 layer, it will make paint masks much better. :slight_smile:

p/s: sorry, my english so bad. :pensive:

The image you have on the right is from the unreleased version. I’m hoping that the last API bugs will be fixed soon, so I can publish that version. It will be quite a bit better than the current one. The rest of the new documentation is also for the unreleased version.

And multiple paint masks could be possible at some point, I will get on that when the new version is out.