Batteries in Cycles

I really like the GGX glossy cycles option. It allows for a less chrome look and more of a generic metal look. Some AA batteries. Rendered in Cycles. Any crits, or comments? :yes:

Mmh… They doesn’t look very relistic… Seems that you used the BI, not Cycles… The texture on the horizontal battery is somehow curved, and there are no shadows… I wonder what set of lights you used…

What do you mean by curved. :stuck_out_tongue: It is a battery. And there is no ground. :smiley: It’s just the world. Hence no shadows. I was mainly focused on the texturing and materials.

Here is another shot with shadows and DOF. Maybe a tad to much! :wink:

The text circled is curved, probably due to the subdivision.

Ahh… I think that must be UV distortion too. Thanks!