Battery on moss [UDATE]

Here is a little project I have bean working on the last day or so:)
I got the idea from a picture I saw on give critique since I am still a 3 month blender noob^^
Hope you like it:


OLD Image:

Only three months…this great for a starter i think

Hey thanks
Is there any thing that you think needs polishing?

A couple of things:

  • the ground is a bit undefined… what material is it?
  • the metal material could be improved with more reflectivity (at least looking at the batteries I have at hand, they look more shiny).

Thanks for critique^^
The ground is a moss texture with a normal map…I will see what I can do to get the ground better.
I thing I will put a reflection texture on the metal material.
Hope to get the updated version done until this evening.

Any critique and comment is welcome:)

OK here is the updated image:)
Updates: -Battery now has a reflection texture
-Changed the ground texture to a sand texture
-added focus for the camera

Please tell me if you like the update.

I think it looks better! Is the explosion in the background for something or just for fun??

It’s just for fun…actually I wanted to make smoke at the battery’s,but that didn’t work out due to lightning:(
If you and other people think it dose not fit in I will remove it:)
Oh,and thanks for your comment.

Any critique and comment is welcome