i was bored so i made a battery. its modeled in blender and rendered in yafray. its a bit overlit but ill fix that when im back from school.

here is the image:

well, it’s a bettery, but I didn’t know that ikea made batteries actually, why ikea and not duracell ??

Ya they sell batteries. Holding one in my hands right now and they look exactly like that, pretty unspectacular. Nice image though, maybe a bit less shininess on the yellow plastic wrap.

reference. i had an emty ikea battery. also the texture is more easy to make. its just text and a simple logo on a yellow background. and you must read the texture better :wink: . ikea sells varta batteries with their own logo.

Should the text be in Dutch?

a german battery sold by ikea all over the world. in dutch. :-?



im not happy about the way this is lit too so ill make another render.

and now i noticed ranson’s post. (didnt read well :expressionless: ) grabbing one too. youre right.

The metal part of the battery seems too dull, it needs to be more specular.

saw that with the latest battery grabbing. thank you for mentioning it :smiley: .


close to what i like it to be.

Nice batterys, the texturing is practically perfect.

and you are awake :wink: . there isnt anything that could go wrong with that texture. just simple text on a yellow background.

here is a wallpaper size render:

i hope you will put it on your desktop.