Battery's BGE tutorials - latest tutorial: stealth mechanics

Hi all,

I thought I’d post up the BGE tutorials I’ve been writing over the past couple of years so they’re easier to find.

I tend to focus on python scripting as that’s what I enjoy the most. I also tend to do tutorials that make use of different python modules to extend the BGE’s functionality as there aren’t as many resources out there on using python modules in the BGE.

BGE and Python in general

Player input


Python file I/0 (saving and loading)

Game world/environment


You can find them all listed here.

Current planned/in progress tutorials:

  • walking through directories and finding files
  • Saving game data with the pickle module
  • Swinging/grappling mechanics
  • Particle effects with GLSL
  • Using the character physics type to run, jump, wall jump, crouch, swim and wall run.

I try to write 1-2 tutorials a month, but this does depend on how busy I am and other projects I’ve got going on. You can support the development of more tutorials by liking and following my blog.

I’m always open to requests, feedback for improvements, guest writers and corrections/error spotting!


Nice tutorials, battery!:slight_smile:

Fantastic !! Thanks a lot for sharing those useful tutorials.

Thanks! Glad you both liked them.

Here’s my latest tutorial on scrolling textures with custom GLSL shaders:


Here’s my latest tutorial:

Inspired by the latest BGMC, it looks at enemy stealth mechanics and covers:

  • patrolling
  • guarding
  • enemies looking around
  • enemy line of sight/visual field
  • distracting enemies
  • following player footprints
  • player hiding in the shadows