Battle Arena

I made this yesterday, and it only took me a couple hours, its not the best looking model, but I like it.


Yeah looking good :yes:

2 things to watch: Smoothing on the round flat thing in center. Might want to separate those top vertices (select them and hit P) to get rid of that dark spot. Also the repeating brick texture.

Merry Christmas :smiley:

grrrr blast it…double post. Ignore this.

Yeah, I was wondering how to fix the center platform, but I couldn’t think of anything, as to the repeating texture, that is the best I can do right now, I’m not very good at textureing yet. Thanks for the advise.

Try using more than one texture and mapping faces separately. That should help with the ugly.

As for the central platform, separate the outside ring from the top faces (select the lateral surface, then hit Y for a split).
By the way, you misspelled coolest in your location tag.

How do I map faces separately? And I’m sorry I mispelled my location, gosh I’ll change it.