Battle Axe

So, taking a little break from the U.S.S. Cutlass while I decide on a backdrop for it I thought I would make yet another battle axe. This is about 2 hours work. Just making it up as I go along. I’m going to put a carved grip on the wooden handle and some engraving on the blade. C&C always welcome.


Still just puttering around with it. Not sure if I will leave the blade engraving as it is or do something different. Any suggestions?


looks good… but I think you should change the blade engraving. The symbol looks too modern, with the hexagons and all. It looks like something you’d see on the side of a building in a sifi movie. More triangular or square would be better. And I think it should:
a) have finer lines and
b) extend farther toward the edges of the blade

just my opinion.

The lighting’s a bit woogy, it kind-of kills the effect. : / Try ambient occlusion or HDR rendering in yafray.

Your right. I was trying for a celtic design but now that I look at it more closely it does look like it belongs on the wall next to the door of some chemical corporation. I think I will try a bird wing motif. The lighting is temporary. As is the backdrop. I always do them last. Thx for your comments. Keep 'em coming.

I think I have it now. Once I had the wings on the blade I decided to replace the basket weave on the handle with a feather pattern so that it was all the same theme. I call it the Raven. Any last minute C&C?


Mmmm. Much better. Much more coherent, the full-blade pattern really spruces it up, too. I understand you’re not going for complete realism, and it works very well, it has a nice, clean polish to it. The lighting helps a lot, too.

The metal looks nice, but the reflections look a little sheared/torn around the ‘wingtips’ of both sides of the axe-head, where it swings back into points. You might wanna look into that.

Fixed the problem with the points and added a little more reflection. C&C?