Battle Ball Update

Well here it is. I want it to be sorta old school looking. I need lotsa input since I’m flyin’ by the seat of my pants, just adding things that come to mind, nothing really planned out. My inspiration was when I went to this old 1800’s resturant in some moutains and I saw the cover of a really old Popular science magazine that had somthing sorta like this, but this is what I got so far.
C&C greatly appreciated

Very Very cool, will the balls hit each other or just use firepower? A nice idea too (next time light it up a bit tho)

Keep it up

The detail in the modeling of the ball is great.

The ball looks unbalanced, though. It looks like it would roll to the right.

The material for the yellow stripes on the left look out of place compared to the rest of the ball. The ball looks like old metal and glass, but the stripes look more like new plastic. It would be cool if they glowed.

Yeah, They’re supposed to be sorta like lights, but the main problem I’ve had with that is if I add a halo to the lights, it gets extreme towards the outer lights and almost invisible to the inner lights (from viewpoint). I’ve been thinking about adding a lazar or pulse gun on the side with the stripes/lights. Not too sure what it would look like though.

Looks great. My only crit is the waves in the sand look more like water waves to me.

I want to use a raytracer cause I’m using Ambient Occ and it takes way too long (aabout 20 mins sometimes). Which is fast Povray, or Yafray? Or is there some other great raytracer out there that’s free? How 'bout Radiance? Does Radiance use some some sorta render farm or somthing? I looked at a site that had it and it was some sorta online rendering thing, craziness. I’d also like to know what a good alturnative to the halos would be, or if there is some sorta setting for them I could use to “fine tune” them. Help would be greatly appreciated.

20 minutes isn’t way too long unless you’re doing an animation. You must practice patience. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it’s more like 30, but I’m going to look into Radiance.

%| All right, your call. Some people spend several hours rendering things though, so you should be prepared for that in the future. Besides, you can still use the computer while it’s rendering, or find something else to do :stuck_out_tongue: .

Blender internal is about the fastest renderer I’ve used. Haven’t had occasion to use any of the for-pay ones though. But it seems like the fancier the renderer gets, the slower it ends up being. Even on simple stuff.

There’s just no fast way to do indirect lighting, whether it’s AO or anything else.

Post Pro Update

Parts Renders


Very inspiring. Keep it like this.

I don’t really like the postpro blur. You can do motion blur in Blender but then it will take a lot longer to render.

Yeah I did’nt like it a whole lot either, but I wanted to get it done fast, so I Gimped it :smiley: . I want to make a city block with nazis gettin’ torn up by this thing, maybe a few other scenes too :smiley:

How would the anteni thing and the mini-mini gun stay level if A: their on top of the ball meaning they would topple over and B: their attached to the ball and nothing else so as the ball turns the the gun and the anteni turn withit, which wouldnt be so cool.

Well The two big circular things on either side are are eletromagnetic pluse controlers (or some giberish like that) so it spins the ball and the antenna (soon to be replaced by a pulse weapon) is attactched to a highpower gyro that keeps the pulse controlers level and thus all other componets attached.
Here’s a visual:
Hope that clears some things up :smiley:

I love mechs. Roller mechs included. Perhaps you could consider a trail or track which indicates a direction of travel. It is in the sand after all.