Battle Barge for animation

Hey guys
Onto a new project before Uni goes back and I have to start studying again
I’m going to be modeling a Space Marine Battle Barge and a Thunderhawk gun ship and will hopefully end up animating them. Have The BB flying above a planet and then have the Thunderhawk come out and take troop down to the planet.
This is what I have for the battle barge so far. It will probably be in darkness and not have any really close shots of it but I’m going to try and give it a bit of texture. What do people think so far?

Modeling pretty much done. Needs materials and all the rest now. Lots of little lights all over the place and stuff like that.

Gave it more guns on it’s upper deck for the big broadside hits these ships are famous for. And an Ultramarines symbol as it is the easiest to do. Now need to make it a convincing blue and get the engine flare going

looks awesome!
keep up the good work.

Looks sweet, even though i prefered the one before the last. THe last one has too many holes (or engines?). But looks sweet so far, keep it up;)

Wow this one takes the cake! A machine that implies what it’s job is. Great work.

I like the first one. That one looks like a mean mo fo…