Battle Dance | avemagnadude | tehfrohman (40kWarhammer)

A not so epic battle between an ork and a spacemarine, a film created by two brothers in the time of desperate boredom in the summer time. tehfrohman is my brother :smiley: he uploaded the video for me. I’m thinking we should have a logo by now.:eyebrowlift:
Anyways, enjoy. He got a bit lazy so its not my fault! :o

be sure to watch in HD!

Wow. Quite good. I’m impressed. Great scene, and excellent use of camera angles!

Now all that’s missing is some shadows.

Still though, great work! I enjoyed watching it. :slight_smile:


That was pretty awesome.

Great use of sfx and very nice riggings by the looks, they animate very nicely.

I liked the end credit style, that was nice. :yes:

Thanks! Yeap, shadows. I don’t get it though. I put purely spotlights since they are the only shadower lights right?

Rigging is simple really, its just made of simple bones with IK on the legs and some bones making the knees point correctly. Nothing special for the arms, auto IK’ed them haha. Thanks again!

For the credits, pure “credit” to my bro, he was kinda gonna add more camera movements in the battle itself but, got lazy xD

Thanks again!