Battle mech design

It’s my first mech modeling project, I wanted to abandon it after thinking it will look terrible in the middle of my work, but then decided to finish it. I would like to recieve some feedback.


I’m glad that you have pushed through and finished it. Looks amazing

I really like the design of the top half, but I think the lower legs and feet let the design down. It’s clear that you haven’t put the same level of care/detail into those areas.
I think if you push the work in these areas and bring them more in line with the rest it will make a big difference.

It’s also hard to know what the purpose of the mech is: is is a combat mech/construction/cargo/etc.


I didn’t even know it was that visible. I made the legs in the end and rushed the design, so it really is lower quality than the upper part. Thanks for the feedback.


Yes, I was going to ask if the legs were made at the end when you were losing interest, but I didn’t want to assume. It was the first impression I got from the piece.



I really like the shapes, it looks pretty cool !
I think since it’s your first mech project you might have jumped right into it without a clear plan, or proper design thinking first … As a result it might become hard to make some artistic decisions since there isn’t a clear road, or proper story behind the object to follow.

Basically, currently it’s hard to tell what is the mech’s function, it’s size, is it something contemporary, extra-terrestrial, from the future, is it something friendly or not …
That’s probably what makes it weird, it looks pretty cool but we don’t have any hint for these answers which might be what is a bit lacking in the model.

Maybe next time start by setting all these specs, find some references from the real world and use that shape language to add more clues into your design.
The end result is very likely to look a lot cooler since form will follow function rather than the opposite, or just forms…

Anyway, it’s pretty cool already, keep up the good work !


It does look cool, but it does leave me with a lot of technical questions. How does it move? If it lifted up one leg at all it would immediately fall over on that side, as the center of gravity is extremely high and centered between the two legs instead of balancing outside them.

Humans solve this problem by having arms - our arms act as counterweights when we walk. We also solve this problem by having our legs very close together; as we start to fall on a step, our arms correct for it and our second leg moves fast enough to fix it.

Birds and other bipedal animals solve it by having a wide center of gravity outside of the legs instead of the inside, and by having their heads forward as a counterweight.

Your mech has no counterweights and all the weight is inside the legs, so it cannot walk.

Notice that the two-legged walkers in Star Wars have the weight above and outside the legs for balance- the “head” is wider than the legs. (And they’re still notoriously unstable)

It looks good- as said, you just need more time in the planning phase


Thank you, I agree with everything you said, I just bought some hard surface addons and wanted to experiment with them, so I decided to make a mech. It wasn’t a long planning, I started and let the design develop as I progressed further. I created it just to get used to the new addons and see what I can already make.

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Thank you for your opinion. I didn’t focus on the technical part almost at all, I focused clearly on the looks. Next time, I’m gonna spend more time planning and try to make it as realistic as possible.

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You might want to showcase this in a better light :wink:


Looking at it now i ask myself: If this has a “pilot” then is (s)he supposed to be stand halfway on the upper side (because of the top left and right guard railing like somethings )?

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Yeah that sounds natural, it’s just that some people might consider the term design as something a bit more involved than just getting good shapes, it’s also how to make things believable and grounded into reality or a particular fictional universe.

You might look at that video if you’re interested in the subject :

Anyway, that doesn’t change the fact that this model is pretty cool, especially for a first piece, keep them coming !

I think the design is pretty cool!
One main aspect I would like to note, is that the lighting of the model could be improved.
Personally I also think that some places might have a bit too much detail. For example I alway like to ask myself what the function might be of certain design elements. (I might add some clean panels with a few screws covering the legs)

Gleb Alexandrov has a great video on the distribution of shapes and details:

I hope this helps!