Battle mechs at war - Blender animation course teaser N°2

Here is the second teaser for my upcoming animation course.
Made in blender, FXs made in realt time, rendered in EEVEE. Compositing ion After effect

I will soon post youtube video tutorials about the FXs creation and the making of this video.
I will post everything in this thread too.

Hope you will like it!

Sound design by my friend Gabriel :


here are some comparison between the previz and the final shot


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks Bart

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Here is a first tutorial related to the teaser.

Learn how to create a realtime muzzle flash


Here is a second VFX tutorial.
Learn how to create real time dusty bullet impact in EEVEE

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Here is another FX tutorial.
Real time fire

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