Battle Music!

Hey everyone. I’ve composed some battle music for Project Aqua last weekend. Its 1 minute 6 seconds long, and its loopable. Check it out and tell me what you think :wink:

EDIT: Looped version:

Chances are I will extend it to 1.5 to 2 minutes long. That seems to be the average time for Final Fantasy battle music. Many underestimate the quality of midi for some reason. I’ve been listening to FF midi music, and most of it sounds just like the in-game music, if not exactly similar. I wouldn’t be surprised if games like FF7 and FF8 were made using midi.

Excellent. Simply fantastic. For battle music, that’s about as good as it gets.

Edit: Do you mind if I download this and take a look at it in Noteworthy?

Go ahead =D


It’s true that the FF7/8 midis sound great, and some music is better than its PSX version (I have both midis and ps1 music from both games), but you can add voice using a format like .IT (via samples) and add several effects which are not possible with midi.

By the way, how does this sound? (use “save target as” and a player that supports the format)

I actually liked the beginning and end the most. Parts of the middle grate a little bit. But this is still excellent, excellent, excellent!

Edit: Never mind… I listened to it again and the problems must have been in the original short version. This is truly amazing. It had a similar effect on me as a couple of the lesser songs in Chrono Trigger :smiley:

mp3 for those without synth tables or emulators?

don’t think you need them… just quicktime/WMV etc.

no, I want ot listen to it, and my sound card won’t play midi’s.

eye of the tiger would work better…

but this works just fine.

it would be cool if you’d record the same thing on real instruments…

wow, I need to learn how to do this. How exactly do you make something like this? Great job by the way.


most of it is cool, but some of it had me thinking “Mario is fighting Bowser or somthing!”

Thanks for the comments guys. For those who can’t seem to play midi music, will AIF work? I’d be willing to PM you a link to an AIF file after I export it as one (to conserve bandwidth).

Anyways… how to make this. First off, you need to have a midi composer of some kind. Since I’m on a mac, I use a program called EasyBeat (quite expensive, but works very well). I’m not sure if its for PC or not (doubt it), but its at . I do think there are some good free midi composers for PC, you just have to search around.

Second step… go get a load of midi music, and I suggest Final Fantasy music ( Take a look at how the music is composed, and pick up some ideas. Then start composing!

Of course, you can’t expect yourself to create a masterpiece right off the bat. It helps if you’ve had music experience (for me, over 10 years).

Thanks for the comments everyone! Take care!

get yourself enlisted on Squaresoft or something…

I am not sure, will xmms or mplayer play aif? ogg, wav, mp3, au are format I know work.

My windows media player plays it fine. But you may not be using Windows or just don’t have the player. I don’t know.


well, post it and I will see, I am interested in hearing this.

I’ve got the MP3 version, I’ll send it to you through a PM when I get home =D

As a “battle music” it fits in the console shooter style music… The music is not bad for a start… you should seek a more dramatic motive and try to fiddle with it a little more, as right now the music seems very fragmented
2) Harmony: I was pleased with the opening mediant jump, and some interesting (and apropriate) motives(harmonically) but there was nothing afterwards: you melted the rest (from the 0:40(the .it version) approx)in the “amiga/dance” style, which I hate :smiley:
3) A distinguishable bass melody would help to provide some monumental sound, if you’d ask me :smiley:
4) Instruments used are (as I said before) making and impression of cheap shooter style console game… maybe more eh… classical touch?

It’s hard for me to fetch some more crits and suggestions right now… I hope the crits above will help