Battle of Mages looking for a 2D and 3D graphics artist (modeling & texturing)


I am currently developing an online magic combat arena game with the goal to make it an enjoyable, fun-to-play eSport game which will later turn into a MORPG.

Current features are:

  • Lobby server & game server
  • Queue-based matchmaking based on ranking / personal skill level (starts new game servers for each match)
  • Account-based personal ranking for each PvP format
  • Scalable database system
  • 4 x 5 skills per weapon, 5 skills per mode with 4 modes (you can only have 1 mode at once)
  • Multiple weapon system (weapon change results in a skill set change)
  • Arena mode: Theoretically up to 4 teams, each format from 1v1 up to 5v5
  • Crowd-Control effects such as Slow, Stun, Sleep and Immobilization
  • Traits system that lets you set up character stats influencing Damage, Defense, Block, Cooldown reduction, Attack speed and Move speed
  • Melee combat system, reflect projectiles with sword attacks
  • Guild system (guild creation, invite member, kick member)
  • Rune system (skills can engrave or detonate runes for additional effects)
  • Different maps to play on
  • Personal score is based on how useful you were in every aspect of the game (e.g. CC, damage, blocking, etc.) similar to BLC
  • Chat system with online status
  • Configurable settings, input settings are saved in database
  • Top 10 ranking list



I am a 21 year old Computer Science student from Germany and I dedicate a lot of time into this project. I’ve been working on it since mid-February (2 months) and I am in charge of development, project lead and music composition.

What I need help with is:

  • Character modeling & texturing
  • Character animations
  • Weapon/Object/Non-organic modeling & texturing
  • 2D graphics (skill icons, logo)


  • Although this is a free project without profit, I want you to be serious about your work (and you can expect me to be serious about my work)
  • Be mentally mature (preferably 18+ years old)
  • Be skilled. That’s a no-brainer. Know your stuff.
  • Be able to communicate in English (alternatively: German, Russian).
  • Have some kind of IM program so I can message you instantly without delay. Apparently all my friends use Skype so I’d prefer you using it.

Contact me via:
Skype: blitzprog
E-Mail: [email protected]

Website / Play online:

I repeat: This is a free project, no payment. However you’ll be mentioned in the credits once the game is released.

E. Urbach

sent you a message

Bump. Recruitment is still open.

We are now a team of 4: Developer, Modeler, Composer, Vocalist. Here’s an example of the latest composition from Joona Lätti:


We’re still looking for skilled people who can do…

  • 2D Graphics (skill icons, logo, etc.)
  • 3D Character modeling/texturing/rigging

Note that the aforementioned requirements in the first post are still valid.
It has been decided to make a MORPG (note: Not MMORPG) out of it after we fill the missing roles.

Please contact me if you’re interested in helping out this non-commercial indie MORPG.

it looks very interesting. you have some ncie ideas for the skills and also the match result boards.
I played the “Practice Map” of the current win64 client. Everything seems a bit too large (or the Character just too small). The effects of the spells are looking also fine, but i think some of them are just too powerfull (for example the chaos spell) and others are just too random to be useful (like the blizzard spell).
So i guess it will be a pure PVP Arena Game? you should add some limits to the arena. now you are able to walk (or teleport) to the edge of the map and jump down. maybe add large walls, a dense forest (with a invisable collision Mesh so you dont teleport behind or on top of it) or anything else as a limit for your arena.

Your Characters are looking pretty simple, i guess thats why you search someone for the characters/animations.
I wish you good luck for the project :slight_smile:

That’s awesome music, what program do you use?

Hi, thanks for testing it! Remember that everything is still in a very early alpha stage, we’ll change many things.

Thanks for the info, I’ll try to look into that.

The chaos one (Eclipse) is a bit too weak actually because of the little hit boxes, you couldn’t see that on the solo practice map. Both of the skills you mentioned, Eclipse and Blizzard, will get a rework. I agree with you. Don’t worry, I’ll do my best to keep the balance.

For the beginning, yes. Story & PvE modes are already planned, though.

Yea I am focusing on game mechanics atm rather than concentrating on map design. Code first, “prettify” later.

Thanks, I am very ambitious about this.

I guess you mean the track I linked in my previous post. It’s from Joona Lätti, not myself. As far as I know he uses Cubase and EWSO.

some mod please delete this, sorry for double post

We just released 0.4.6 and our biggest problem really are graphics now. Programming and music are progressing nicely but we need more artists to create a visually appealing world, please help us!

this is looking really awesome, i can tryto work on some models for you if you still need them, what kind of style are you going for?