Battle of Omaha Beach war game

Hey guys!

Me and my friend are making a game about WWII (World war 2) and we were doing it about the battle of Omaha beach. We’ll need:

  • Someone who is great with modeling (Mainly guns)
  • Someone good with textures
  • Someone good with Python in Blender
  • And someone who can help me with the game logic (Cause I get lonely)

Hope you guys can help. We may be able to pay you ($$$) if your work is good enough to get the game to it’s finished stage.

what kind of guns do you need? and which blender version are you using cause im a bit shy in blender 2.57 python and layout etc.

So. Have you done anything yet. Modeled anything. Do you have screenshots? I don’t think many people will be willing help with the very little information you’ve given so far. The more you give us. The more we can give you.

We need the following guns:
M1 grand
M3 grease gun
Colt 1911
WW2 shotgun
Tommy gun
German guns
Guer 43 (not spelled right.)

Screenshot of rough draft:

Also, it is in Blender 2.49b.