Battle over luedia [need team]

I am a noob to this forum. I have about 6 months of expierence in blender and I can draw fairly well. I love to make scenery and I am seeking a team so I can start moving forward with my Idea. I’m not too good with character modeling and I can’t script but I most certainly can work on drawings and scernery I’ll also try my best to learn scripting.

things about the game
It’s a fighting game similar to the style of Blazblue. It will have 15 characters and will be for 1-4 players. It won’t have online capability and you’ll be able to change the colors of your characters. Luedia is a magical place, but something has changed a couple of the people have rebeled and want to over-throw luedia.

Main character: Alexadria
Genre: Fighting

Opening theme
the camera zooms in and turns to Alexandria a techno-y battle style of music starts. she slashes about with her claws then backflip kicks. It show the other 5 beginning characters and then the screen turns black but only for a second or two. The name of the game apears and uderneath the words PRESS START.

when you insert the disc.
The consoles logo comes and goes. Then our logo, and anyone affiliates. Soon after the opening theme starts.


Name may change
hanks for reading hope you help out.


I’m trying to figure out what the screen shots are…
If your already planning on whats going to happen when you insert the disk, but don’t have any game play done, then your in trouble. Have you ever made a game before? I suggest starting with a simple game. Thats what i did 2 years ago, and i still can only make simple games. but then again, meybe you do have hidden talent, if so then don’t let me stop you.
Good luck :slight_smile: