Battle Spire: Browser game WIP

Here’s a terribly converted video of my latest web game project. The lag is only in the video itself, as the game still runs at a sold 60fps

More info can be found here:

(Site is laggy under chrome, but fine in firefox. I have yet to find a solution)

What do you guys think?

wow sensational stuff,the graphics looks amazing and functionality as well!
keep it up bro thats a real good wip :d

This reminds me of one of those really unique and fun PS1 / PS2 games. Really great job - everything looks pretty polished and professional. It’s looking tight. I like the side-scrolling and cylindrical gameplay, too.

EDIT: You might want to make actual stairs, perhaps with gaps you have to jump across - jumping up all of those stairs seems tough.

Thanks guys! Im trying to go for a kirby 64 meets mega man sorta feel. I’ve also kept it multi-textured to avid any graphics card issues. Ill have a demo up fairly soon

AWESOME! Yeah, I thought of megaman when I was watching the video. Everything looks great except one tiny little thing that I don’t like to much. When you were jumping on the stair and you reached the one point where I guess you were grabbing onto the ledge, I think the character gets up it rather easily. I think you need to make him pull himself up. You know what I’m sayin’?

Keep up the good work though. This looks like a great game. :smiley:

Wow. Good job.

What video converter did you use? I use VirtualDub with xvid MPGG 4 Codec. I always got good (HD) results.

Hey looks nice!

I agree with SolarLune though, the stairs should have a bounding box that makes them behave like a ramp rather than having to jump up each step. The gaps in the stairs would still add some difficulty and a use for jumping.

Quick question, what would be considered too big for a web game file size? Since (as far as i can tell) the burster plugin doesn’t support .ogg’s yet I’m stuck with .wav’s. I can shrink the song files down to about 3mb a piece, but if i want there to be any real variation I’m going to need about 5 or 6. So is it worth having a 20mb file size to have more music or should I limit it to about 2 or 3? Im also working on a stair code now, I cant use ramps because it iterferes with the enemy programing, but what i have done is changed the non working hi Score screen into a options menu, which include custom controls!

Hm. Well, I’d think that you could prepare two different games - one with better music, and one without.

I think you should release a version with a poll on how well it runs and how fast it loads. Then you could get a general idea of the average users internet speed. I think most people have a fast enough internet connection to load 20mb in a very short amount of time. But, I could be wrong.

Looks fantastic. When it’s done we’ll have to add it to blender-games