Battle system for Rpg - Need python (Still need it)

Hey all,

I made a file of my own battle system that I made. I’m using it atm but it gives a lot of lag and problems. I’m hoping anyone want to improve it for me or even make a python script out of it.

I explained it all in the text window in the .blend file.
Thanks a lot already. ^^

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It’s to big to post on this site, sorry.



I would do it, but I am busy at the moment, in about a week if no one else has done it, remind me!


Honestly, if you don’t have somebody doing Python for you already (or if you don’t know it yourself), you shouldn’t design a game that requires it.

You should either use this problem as motivation to learn Python yourself (there are tons of tutorials out there that make things VERY easy) or you should create something less complex. This isn’t a specific problem that you can’t figure out, it’s a request for somebody to do your own work for you.

If somebody creates a system for you, not only will you have learned nothing, you won’t even be able to update it and tweak it for your own uses! You’ll have to rely on that person forever.

You seem to be off to a good start… I like the spiders and the models! The animations aren’t bad either… keep working!

I just did a quick google search… and this tutorial (After a brief glance) seems pretty simple. You could start leaning basic python here, , and then continue with the Blender python API:


I once again was rushed when typing my post and forgot to add my usual line, so here it goes:

I would recommend learning python, its not that hard once you have the basics, and will let you do amazing things!

Here is a very simple place to get started -

Random hit :

g = GameLogic
c = g.getCurrentController()
o = c.getOwner()

attack = c.getSensor("ctrl")
att = c.getActuator("Add")
near = c.getSensor("Near")
player = c.getActuator("PLife").getOwner()
pdamage = c.getActuator("DamageTaken")

if attack.isPositive() and o.PlayerT>= 1.2:
    o.PlayerT = 0
if near.isPositive() and o.MonT >=3:
    mondamage = int(g.getRandomFloat()*4) + 1 - g.Dex
     g.MonAtt = mondamage
    o.MonT = 0
    if mondamage >= 1:
        player.Health = player.Health + mondamage + 10

Gxy ^^

Yo mate i couldnt play your game it didnt work for me , maybe cuz im using 2.48? well i dont know but it looked nice :slight_smile:

Thanks all for all your help. ^^

Wow thanks a lot. :stuck_out_tongue: shotforce also offered me to help. I’ll let you know when I need you. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks! ^^

I do have a little experience with python. I think I’m just oke to edit it, but really can’t make it on my own. I can learn from the script that the person has made. Thanks anyway for you advise. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the script man. I’ve never worked with randoms before but I’ll figure it out. ^^

I’ll send you pm. ^^

For all of you, this is my original thread. But it’s really outdated

Hey all,
I still need this python script. The other person was a little to buzzy. xo
Can someone please help me?

bucky’s python series
try this :yes:

Oke thanks man