Battle system for Rpg


The question is somple… does anyone know a script or a way for a battleling script for a Rpg game? I am making a rpg game but I am kind of a newb in python…

If someone makes a script of course credits will be added in the game :stuck_out_tongue:

Thx a lot already!

your screwed <.<

i sudgest trying something a bit similer first

Acctually you can come up with a simple battle system using nothing but logic. Just use a bunch of expresions.

the Dawisch is right.
Just use timer properties for when the characters can attack. Use True and False statments so it would be like “you can only attack when Property:Blocking == False”.

After you get all that set up I would just do a simple health system where if you’re hit = -1 for health. if health is 0 = game over.

The two posters above me are correct. And once you know how to do something using logic bricks, it’s not that hard to figure things out using the BGE Python API here. Before you design anything though, you have to plan. Without first considering things such as what types of weapons / shields / armour there are, what kind of damage they inflict / reduce, etc, you’ll have no idea of what you’re trying to accomplish.

zootanore had a pretty good idea, but if you want a more complicated system, let me warn you, you will be swimming in properties…

I’d use a list (god I love them) that acts as a queue for the characters- at the start of the battle, get all characters (monsters included) that can fight, and figure out an order of action (say, for example, they each have an initiative stat) append each one to this list in this order.
During the battle, the only one who can attack is the first one on the list- when their action is done, use list.append(list.pop(0)) to insert them at the end of the queue.


Sry for late reply… and the crapy explenation.
I kinda can make a battle script. Were enemies attack, hit, and die. The biggest problem is the exp thats been given to the character. expecially wen i make it on line. Cause when a character dies, the exp has to go to the killer.

Thx soo much already :slight_smile:

At the moment I’m working ofn a battle system for an rpg I’m starting. I’m not sure how long it will be till I’m done, but if you still need it when I’m done you can use it.

Wow you’re going to make it online?

So basicly what you saying that you’re going to make a game online, but you don’t know very much python?

If you a ‘newb’ with python you should start with something easier. An RPG is already difficult to make, and adding on the online makes it 10 times more difficult, and if you don’t know python, it’s a lot harder. 0.o

Please start with something easier, make an RPG game, but don’t try to make it online, learn networking with python first then start making your ORPG. :wink:

As for the combat system, everyone above me it right :wink:

I suggest you to look around for demo rpg games and such python script.
When u know how GE is structured, and what kind of API you need and which programming method is good for each purpose, python is very easy. just you should have experience in little project to join in big project.

of course you should have in mind your plan.

good luck

Yeah I see Linkxgl’s point, if your nub at python I wouldn’t touch something that complicated untill I made an array of mini-games/full games where you can find out how to do EXP to the character yourself (player character) once you find that out I’m sure tweaking it will be easy enough, not to mention you kill something at XX lvl = XX EXP in which case you already have your exp modifiers for your ORPG… where you kill someone/something at say level 20, and you are level 15, you get a bonus exp modifier… So realy you have to work through the first EXP system and then like I said before the EXP system will come hand in hand… A couple short examples even though I’M STILL NUB lol is to put in logic for added % of experience gained per level alignment to players ie. LVL = less than player = minus %… and vise vera.

Well hope these examples helped you think about how to code/script your game… Later on after I finish all the easier parts of python, and making my first full game I’m going to be starting a RPG based on the same game, as another game type, so I’ll give you whatever I found was useful and worked for me.


Thx a lot all.
I hope I can use your script. Thx already. :stuck_out_tongue:
I know what you mean. :stuck_out_tongue:
I am first making a rpg game, which I already know how to. Except some little parts. :stuck_out_tongue: And then ill start the on line part. Maybe even hire a professional.
This is a senior project for me. And to hire people is a part of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, thx all.

Are there any rpg’s released with a battle system?

Learn python first. Theres no point in asking beforehand because even if there is a template you won’t understand it, and won’t have any idea on how to go about adapting it to your own creations. Above all don’t even mention the word “online” at this stage.