BattleBots, anyone????

(rwenzlaff) #1

Well, I suppose it’s finished. There should be much more in the way of tools and such, but I don’t know if I want to clutter it up and detract from the “punch-line”.


(S68) #2


nice :slight_smile:

Floor texture is weak, and tools on table are badly AAsed, but this latter is Blender’s fault… try re-rendering double this size and reduce later in PhotoShop/whatever…


(rwenzlaff) #3

Floor’s my fault. I turned down the normal value so I could see the ‘dirt’. Forgot to turn it back up. I tried the double-render/half via gimp like you suggested. Better, but still pretty ugly. Maybe that’s what I’ll do when the code is released…


(mr_manic) #4

punch line???

sorry need a little help on that one. Doesn’t quite knock me over.
Not meaning to offend, good work…I do like it.

(IMProvisar) #5
  1. Read the chalk board.
  2. Look at the hole in the wall.

You should get it then, hehe


(Alltaken) #6

great pic

i didn’t really notice the hole in the wall or the chalk board for 1 or two seconds but i got it eventually

perhaps and this is just a sugestion put a lamp/spot shining at the chalk board and increase the brightness of the grass or have light/volumetric halo coming in through the hole to emphasis it.

might make it a little quicker to get the joke

ha ha ha ha ha ha
funny joke :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

(mr_manic) #7

The thing I don’t understand is what does worms have to do with a robot, or is that the point. I’m probably trying too hard to find the logical connection and there isn’t one, maybe thats it.

So much for logic

(Nayman) #8

Okay, blackboard says

weapons… work
drive systme…works

needs work.

and there is a hole i nthe wall.

get it?

i foudn it quite humourus

(Idgas) #9

Worms?? where the hell do you get worms??

(mr_manic) #10

:o OK, OK that explains it.

I read it last night at 11:30pm. I thought is said needs worm.

I thought it was going into the garden to find some worms. Either that or it was running away because it didn’t want a virus.


I understand now, :smiley: Big Cheese :smiley:

(SGT Squeaks) #11

hehe, it looks like needs Worm to me too. But of course I know it’s work. :smiley:

(Idgas) #12

I read your post and about laughed so hard i thought i was going to explode :smiley: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: Yea i could see how that would be confusing.

(bmax) #13

cool. low quality render though, which is really too bad. sorry if that was offending, but i’m just an external renderer buff :wink: . otherwise good job!! 8)