Battlecore part 1 - Dawn Amythest

wow, its been a while since i did this…
anyway, i have started making this thingamajig, spent about 10 mins on the basic shape, and only started minor details right now. i’m not gunna say all the stuff about it and all the histroy and techincal stuff, so yeeaah… cant think of much else to say, will keep ya’all updated. enjoy


That’s really good for a ‘just started’ almost makes me want to give up 3D, there’s too many good people out there! Naah don’t worry, its inspiring =).

:smiley: thanks

i am going to be starting to detail the main body hull in a few minutes, expect to see updates by tomorrow, keep tuned in!

looks great so far
just noticed how wrong it sounds when you read you location out loud XP

oh NOES! lawl…you has to point that out dude ¬_¬

Wow, I love the detail on the whole object. Can’t wait to see more of this later, keep it up man!

It looks like it is giving someone the evil eyes. :evilgrin:

yeah, it is supposed to have that effect, after all it IS the most powerful galactic object that ever existed…but yep, before i remodeled the head it looked like a rabid beaver!!
and extra guy - will do! thanks

UPDATES - unfortunately i turned off my PC without saving so i had to remake the auxilary thrusters
but i made the start of a large ion / plasma/ antimatter laser that will use 604 focusing crystals and ion sythesisers that supercharge the gyro spheres that intensify the beam as it circulates the beam tube system…

i did it again ¬_¬


Gawd what a noob, the phase distortion fields eminating between the second and fourth stages of that laser design would cause an imbalance in the particle choesion constant for a possibly catostrophic failure.

depends on how big the phase distortion fields are doesn’t it?

yes…of course…i agree o.o

Do people even use phase distortion fields anymore? I think most people are upgrading to verteron array-based weaponry for instantaneous demolition.

i think we need somthing faster than instantaneous demolition for the D.A
prehaps some sort of instant matter annihalation beam would be betetr suited, and would not need conventional means of power-up and focusing

daily update time (yes i update daily)

i added some heavy duty MPEES (multi-purpose energy emission strips)

added a missile batterys (MSCPM’s (mega seige cruise Prototype missiles) down the side - each of these missiles is as long as the height of a star destroyer

i also added a proton battery - HVIPRCFT’s (highly volotile ion plasma rapid charge fire torpedos) - a special kind of almost pure energy torpedos designed specifically for the dawn amythest, the power of these torpedos are so high that they penetrate any surface they are connected with after activated and cause a massive explosion capable of destroying an entire starbase


yeeahh…sorry about no new updates in a few days but the teachers are burying us in piles of homework so im a little tired right now. i WILL get back on it today (tomorrow? i dont know its 2:30 atm)
cya when i next update

not really a big update but i messed around with some basic lighting and made some engine exhausts

i am planning to add node glow/glare to the highlights but i am having difficulty finiding a tutorial on making the glow/glare thing, so if anybody has tutorails on it that would be great thanks


i think people might be ignoring this thread and stuff, but you know what they say, gnorance is bliss!!

anywayz, if anybody is watching this (wich i doubt) - massive update, i began greebling the “head” of the ship and added some wording to the auxilary thrusters


Oooh, sexy. It’s longer than I thought it was. Can you give us a close-up of some of those greebles? I’m curious about wha they look like and I cant quite tell from this distance.

thanks, and here you go, the greebles arent really “anything” they are randomly modelled objects made to look technological to add some detail