Battlefield 3 Question

Hi, does anyone know which graphics software DICE used to make Battlefield 3?

What do you mean?

You do know how large scale game development works right?.A current Gen game can’t be created in a single program unless it is a very simple game.

They use the Frostbite engine,their 3d modelers,sound studio,artists etc probably use their own software or company recommended software to create all the things needed.

Ohh yes; I know a whole game can’t be created in one 3D software product. What I meant was in what did they make the characters, weapons, objects, etc? 3d Max?

Looking on their site, where they posted jobs available, it seems like they are using Maya for the modeling tasks.

They are also using Zbrush, which is pretty much standard for all game studios these days.

Okay! Thanks!

It really won’t make a difference overall what 3d modeling software they use.As long as the model can be properly optimized for the game.

It’s made with pure awesomeness… and Maya.

Given the rave reviews this game has generated, I guess “pure awesomeness” is an essential ingredient in the making of it. The next installment is anticipated by many with eagerness.