Battlefield 4 vs. Star Citizen (games studio question)

Let’s say (purely hypothetical) that you were looking at two studios to work at with basically the same financial offering. One was… just for fun, we’ll say DICE (guys that make Battlefield & Mirror’s Edge… and possibly Battlfront) and the other was say Cloud Imperium (the guys that are making Star Citizen).

One is a giant established brand (DICE) that is owned by EA and all the perks that come with that and one (Cloud Imperium) is a small but very ambitious start-up company pioneering new ways to make and publish games. Let’s also say you loved playing Battlefield and were a big fan of DICE but if you could create any game you would probably be creating Star Citizen. Which company would you want to work for and why?

Damn… you guys have no opinions on this?

The chance to work with Chris Roberts and on a space combat simulator would be a dream come true. In fact, I would do the gig for free. Program and 3D work. My god, the mere thought of it makes me all gooeey inside!


I don’t want my posts to come off as braggery… sorry about that. I realize that many very talented artists are struggling right now. I just happen to be in a strange situation of decision making and was hoping for some slight guidance.

I suppose I’ll be just lucky to have a job in the first play.