Battleship animation 3d blender // wip


A new Blender 2.8 animation project rendered on Cycles.: ALEA JACTA EST.
I’m currently working on a 3D naval battle animation project. Here is a first test, presenting the French Royal Navy, “La Flotte du Ponant”. In first plan, the Soleil Royal (Royal Sun) which was a French 104-gun ship of the line, flagship of Admiral Tourville. In the background, the Sirene, a French ship of the 17th century.

Simple Test. More to come:

Assets modeled & animated on Blender
Assets textured on Subtance Painter
Render with Blender 2.8 Cycles with 1000 samples.
Post-production and compositing on After Effects 2018


Beautiful animation, you need a big dragon, that they’re going to attack or, stuff - -

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Wow, man that is huge! guess we need a tutorial on all the steps you took to create this scene! :grinning:

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I was totally waiting for all of that cannon to open fire. Looks great though! Looking forward to more :slight_smile:

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OF COURSE ! I can’t stop here. Work in progress…

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Thanks ! I’m gonna start with some bloody big ships fighting each other.