Battleship Westfahlen [Freelancer]

Hey everyone,

my first post :slight_smile:
I started learning Blender about a week ago. Iam following some tutorials by Andrew Price, Cookie or tutor4u and learned the basics so far.
I have a huge image in my head, but I cant draw that complex enviroments (I cant even draw a straight line), so I decided to do 3D modeling.
I want to share my little battleship with you. Iam in love with the game Freelancer. I was like 8 years old when it came out and i loved it. It was, and is, my passion. Thats also the source of my obsession for Science Fiction and space. The few of you that know this game will understand me (dreaming of a sequel…).
So I decided to model my fav ship from that game, the Westfahlen. It took me approx ~8hrs, only to model the basic shape like this. It has quite alot of imperfections and issues, but I love it.
I also want to texture it by the UV method, but thats alot of tutorials away.
What do you think? Any tips or hints? References?
Any criticism?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Looks good.

Are you going to be using Blender internal or Cycles?

UV’s are not really that hard,you can learn most of it in a day or so,the more advanced features can take longer though.

Also take a look here for some tips: