I hope the title got your attention.
im working on a seris of space crusers that are designed in a manner somewhat similar too the battleships of today.
and im stuck, i cant figure out a good cannon design on paper or in program
and engines, don’t even get me started.

anyhow im just starting blender, Again (this is like the fifth time ive got back into it)

i have no file server acess so just pm me and ill e mail the . blend so you can see where i am going with it.

Thanks in advance,

P.S. Im not looking for someone too do it for me just rough ideas or the beginnings of a cannon that would look right (Ive tried like 39 times). I guess you could say i have 3D block? oh and i suck at spelling and typing sorry


Do you have a pic?
You don’t need a fileserver for that. Just add it as an attachment.