BattleSpace LAN Game

While blender 2.5 is not stable yet ( and i can´t make some progress in lucy´s game ) i´m studying about LAN Games and Socket lib.

My goal is make a LAN Game like Battlefront 2 ( the space stages ) for 2 players, this is like a tank war but in space with some diferences in gameplay e controls…

My next steps:

-> Add the socket system ( finished ) in this spaceships
-> Make all to work in blender 2.5

Some Screens:

Bye! :wink:

LAN and/or internet connection games on blender sure is real pro scripter stuff, it would be nice if you could share some kind of knowledge easy to follow if it works out ^^. And good luck.

Sounds awesome. I wonder if they’ll ever make a Battlefront 3…

Sounds awesome! Can not wait to see what you come up with!