Battlestar Galactica - Heavy Viper

This is a project that I’ve been posting at Scifi-meshes but hadn’t posted here yet. This is an original design for a Colonial Heavy Viper by Brian Larsen. Brian is allowing me to build the design in Blender. This is not yet finished, but it’s pretty clear where the detail work has been applied.

The lasers are pretty crappy in these renders, so disregard that part. I’ll post a better laser image later.

i think its great!

JESUSFRK14 - Thank you

WOW!!! Awesome! Just needs some grungy looking textures, and it’s done!


Rought draft texture - I’m just thinking about the colors. Nothing final.

So far and so good. If you ever get the itch or ability to release it, consider us over at We’d love to use it in our animations…

Is the plating modeled or textured? If modeled is it a seperate mesh or is it integrated?

I’m glad you like the design, but the author of the design does not want this released publicly. After seeing some mesh thefts recently inflicted on SFM members, I would not have been inclined to release it anyways. sorry.

The plating is all modeled and I still have more to do on the engines and underside. The body was done as one large sub-d object, and large chucks (like the upper fuselage) are seperated, weightlines applied, and then sub-d is frozen. I then optimize unnecessary loops and cut a narrow set of loops everwhere there is a hull line. I then extrude the recessed line and scale it along it’s normal.

Then I parent the seperated section to a main empty so the model can still move in 3d space.

Hey that’s really awesome . . .

Thank you.

I started thinking about a bomber in space. A bomb falls towards it’s target, yet in space nothing falls as it would if influenced by gravity. So how would a bomber function? This is my first stab at it.

To be honest I don’t think any realistic deployment model in space would involve dropping something. It would mostly be a rocket launcher or some sort of mine dispenser.

What shader settings do you use to get this gray non textured look?

More hull lines and some details. This is without textures. The shaders are very temp. I’ve been doing some UV unwrapping but I don’t have anything to show for that yet.


UV work in progress