Battlestar Olympia 2.0

I originally started on this project about a year ago with a Truespace import of H. Gibben’s mesh. The problem, though, was the imported mesh had a lot of issues with how it created the polygons and long story short: the model became impossible to work with as we progressed with the series.

So with a lightwave version of the same mesh, I decided to start with a fresh template. The import this time was much cleaner, still has some minor problems, but no where near what we were up against before.

So with new textures, new cannons, I am going through and starting the process again. So far this is what I have:

This is the “Clean” textured version from the 1st Cylon war era.

This is the mesh a little “dirtied up” from the mini-series era.

And another render, different angle, later in the Video iPod series after taking damage. (Texture will darken gradually)

I am still cleaning up the textures, including the dark red one. Needs to be darker with less spec. Also got to work on the turret textures as well, add the main battery on the dorsal spine, and

Another reason to go back and change the textures is to allow the model in the series to more closely resemble the one that will be used in our fan created campaign for the Battlestar Mod for Homeworld 2.

This is what I was able to hack into Battlestar Mod in about 30 minutes with BBedit on the OSX version (which isn’t entirably stable)

So in addition to a fan made animated series using blender 3d, Campaigns based on the fan fic will be available for Battlestar Mod and maybe Beyond the Red Line as well. (I was pretty good with FRED back in the day…)

Anyway, thoughts, suggestions welcome.

Updated image of the top:

Wow that looks like the real thing! Great job! no crits here. Good luck with all the rest.

The Front:

Other than a single UV mapping problem, the texture job is complete