Battlestar Olympia 3.0

This time modelled by me entirely in Blender no outside help foo!:ba: (Sorry, no Dirk Benedict smilies here)

Anyway this is my first serious modelling attempt to bring the “Columbia” (TOS Galactica) into the nuBSG world as a the Battlestar Olympia for my Video iPod Series.

Fortunately there has been plenty of other work and animation with the fighters, since the story revolves around the pilots and space battles. That there hasn’t been a lot rendered with the Olympia in the background.

Thought are welcome.


wow, looks like a nice start! no crits here right now. cant wait for updates! (keep it up) :slight_smile:

I have some updates. I’m not totally happy with the head yet. But not sure what it is…I just don’t like it as of yet.


I remodelled the head including the fixed gun implacements. It’s better, but still not “there” yet.


Looking better but still needs a bunch of details, keep at it though :slight_smile:

Lots of updates.


I’ve made a lot of changes and now into the boring detail phase. Textures are just basic WIP at this point.


if you want this to be completely made by yourself, i recommend not to use greebles found on scifi meshes, i think i can see some obvious ones…

Getting a lot better :slight_smile: Keep at it!

Turn on auto-smooth. The bottom of that ship is way too shiny.

More work done today. A lot of the textures, and some of the geebling is more temporary until have I time to do something better.

Although at some point I will be using some turrets and the BSG KEW weapons designed from other sites. No point in remodelling the wheel on those aspects.

The current guns are modelled by me.


Getting there, but what are those plate things on the fighter bays?

For now I’m calling it “Hillbilly space armor”.

This is taken a little bit by the new armor on the Columbia from the minisodes: