Battlestar Olympia

This is a “reimagining” of the old TOS Galactica retextured to look closer to the NuBSG series.

Thought and comments welcome.

HD close up

Top down shot


Only thing I could say is really wrong with it is that your hull texture is too shiny, the new Galactica appears rather dull in its surface texture. Otherwise it looks great.

Details being added.


outsanding ! i really liked the details you displayed here! this must have taken you a long amount of time to complete!

keep the screenshots coming man i really want to see more, my only concern is in the exaust of the ship, the engine “lights” are missing something in my view but cant put my finger on it yet…

i disagree with the reflective level adivce of the previous post, i think it needs that amount of “shine” and that it works well with the amount of detail you have on the ship :slight_smile:

thanks again, i hope you drop some more screenies :slight_smile:

Probably because they are simply Xalpha halos. The original model was in truespace and I converted to Blender and retextured with the old Sci-Fi Meshes texture pack.

I think it took more time watching resurection ship Pt. 2 than anything. The Effect shots in the series are usually just a few seconds long. Thank god for iTunes.

If I did some extreme close ups, the turrents would probably not look so hot…the next step is to work on the landing bays.

No composites or post FX yet.


Take this over the SFM! They love this kind of stuff.

Nice work,

Looks like you put a lot of time to model this beasts! Must say it looks good but you should play with lightning, textures, AO… to make it look more realistic if that’s what you are aiming at.
But otherwise nice work

Way to dark for wip shots, the details are hardly visible at all.