Bauhaus style chair

hi guys!

heres a project i had to do for school.

what do you think of it?

------> 2mb <---------


Looks good. However, it looks like you need to use SubSurf for the chrome tubing.

Prehaps using an environment map or some sort of HDRI image would emulate the reflections more. A quick way is to create a HUGE smooth sphere and place your chair in the center, then download one of those SkyMaps and apply it to the sphere.

I agree with Spin, it looks very goo. :stuck_out_tongue:

thanx first!

i thought i put the subsurf on, but it wasnt unfortunately. i am gonna fix that.
originally i was about putting hdri in but it wouldnt really work with 2.37a, thought it has brought me pretty good result before with thesame version? any suggestions? i know all the buttons to click, angmap and so on.

but how do i make the skymap be on the inside of the sphere?

thanks for your suggestions guys but i wasnt able to use them all.

:smiley: can someone show me the exact settings for an hdri mapped on a halfsphere / sphere?

:smiley: i lightened the whole scene up
:smiley: switched SubSurf to 1 on
:smiley: using AO 5samples
:smiley: bottom is traceble

c&c welcome

---------> 2mb <-------------

if the previous link doesnt work,
heres another one:

------->2mb <---------

Is my animation really so good that nobody is posting suggestions to improve it? i dont think so…

Couple of comments: the model/scene is pretty plain & basic. Perhaps add a little side table, lamp and a martini (with the ubiquitous umbrella). Then put it on the beach with a palm tree waving in the ocean breeze overhead. In other words it need spicing up - some interest or a story to tell.

If you’re only going for focusing on the chair design, then I would recommend the following to help reduce AO noise: render at 2X rez, then scale it back in VirtualDub or an image editor. Render it with motion blur on @ 8 OSA samples. Either of these will bump your render times up a lot, but you get really smooth results (I’m assuming that you already have your AO samples cranked to 16, here.) Also, I would make the ground plane OnlyShadow (see button under material settings -> Mirror Transp tab) and put in a gradient background. Also, the camera path is whacky, esp. toward the end. It’d also be nice if it looped, so I could set my player to loop and not know when it starts/ends.

The chair’s design itself is pretty basic. A little creativity/out-of-the-box-thinking might be applied here. And turn down the chrome just a smidge… even a '57 Bel Aire ain’t that shiny! :wink:

Nice :smiley: I love chrome! lol