Baymax WIP

Hi guys it has been a while since I have posted here. Been practicing a great deal. Anyways I ended up watching Big Hero 6 and fell in love with the movie. Not just the characters but the visual style as well. Baymax is a simple character and I think it is that simplistic approach which makes his character beautiful. I sculpted him in Zbrush and created his stand in Blender. Hope you guys like it and please feel free to give feedback !

Nice model! It’s hard to see with that background though.

Thanks buddy :slight_smile: I have a new render here :

Looks good, the only thing I have to say is that the material looks off. I think the material should be more translucent where more light comes through, kinda like cloth as opposed to a hard plastic.

You will need to add a hint of transparency as well, since you could actually see his interior parts from some angles in the movie.

The glossy component though seems to be on target.

Thanks for the critiques guys ! I agree he needs to be more transparent. I will put more work into the material. In the mean time here is a newer render with changes to the materials.