Bayou Bob The Friendly lil' Swamp Monster: Blendswap Contest WIP

Just some quick WIP pictures of my entry for the Blendswap Fantasy Character contest: a redneck swamp monster. :RocknRoll: Thoughts?

Nice start.
I think a couple things need to be redone and then you can start adding some really cool detail.

First thing I would consider if I were you is how the arms attach to the body. Right now it’s kinda like it comes out of the side of the body. If you consider the topology around the “shoulder” you could get it to act more like something human.

Hands seem a little flat.
Legs need better topology.

After that is done you could start adding detail.
If it’s suppose to be like a frog you can try adding something that looks gooey.
If it’s suppose to more like an alligator, you can add scales.
Maybe add some short legs to the pance and some patches.

Redneck swap creature… LOVE IT!!!