Nice style and lighting. Great!

Thank you very much to Blenderartists for the top row!

-Sourvinos: thanks friend for your comment and your stars, as always!
-p.proj: thank you very much! It is wonderful that somebody like you, from Middle East, has this opinion about this image.
-reteiP: thanks! The lighting is a hdri image of a desert landscape.

Great job on this. Looks beautiful.

is great the day and night version Sergio!
I agree with this scene have the essence of aladin, as always a great and detailed work

Very nice and interesting :slight_smile: 5*

Love this! :eyebrowlift:

-Mr.Chuan: Sorry brother! I didn’t see your comment. Thank you very much! Yes, of course, Andalucía has a lot of arab architecture, as Cordoba. I saw many pictures of Tangier and Marrakech on Pinterest too. Yes, I know that you say, perhaps is the depth of field or the seamless texture of the ground. Thank you vey much!
Muchas gracias paisano, y perdona por no responderte hasta ahora, pero no vĂ­ tu mensaje. Un saludo!

-Dfxa: Thank you very much, I am glad you like it, thanks for comment!

-Joseperez: Thank you very much! como siempre, gracias mi hermano!

-Medal71: thanks for those stars and for comment friend!

-DigitalHardware: thak you very much! I am happy for your words:)

very cool pic, congrats :slight_smile:

Beauty corner .

Great work modeling and textures . Nice place and ambient.
whish to be there :slight_smile:

Congrazt and Regards.

Excellent, deeply inspired work! So lovely and warm, so devoted to the details! A genuine artwork, no doubt!

Very nice modelled bro, like the mood in the render. The night evrsion could use some more love in the light setup

Love it! Reminds me of the Super Nintendo Aladdin game, in the first level. Memories…

-MmAaXx: thank you very much for comment friend!:slight_smile:

-Skaldy: thank you very much Skaldy! Nice to see you here, cuĂ­date amigo!

-Fatesailor: thank you! I am happy for your encouraging words, thank you very much!

-Rombout: Thank you very much friend! Yes, it’s true, the night version was a fast render, and I didn’t work the lighting too, but I think to make a hd version more worked. Thanks!

How much RAM did it take to render, approximately?

Wow what a motivating work!

Dear Madrid82, your work is so good. You should be promoted to Madrid01. Do you have any tutorial or just a verbal description of how you made any one of these or even parts thereof? I am seeing it, but I can’t figure out how to get from nothing to those. Like do you start with upright straight line objects and then apply lattice deformations or what ? If I was in upper management at Autodesk, I would be jealous, I would ship the entire line of software to you just so I could say you were using it, like a promotional statement. I hope Ton sees this sometime, it would seem to me to make his heart glad. If I was him I would be bragging that You were using Blender to make these. Love it.

Looks astonishing… I like especially the night version. Will there be a HD version? :slight_smile:

-Henrymop: thanks Henry! I don’t know how much Ram, but the render was 3 days approximately.

-Hans Zimr: thank you very much Hans! I am glad you like it.

-Reidh: thank you very much my friend, your words are very beautiful for me. Well, you have reason about the way for make cartoon scenes like this. First I make the geometry with normal proportions and straight lines, and then I apply Lattice Modifier to all objects. I show the balcony as example.
Well, about you say of Blender, I think the same. Blender is a wonderful software, very intuitive and simple, but you can make wonderful projects with it. Other softwares are too complicated, and I think that Blender is enough for make good artworks. Thank you very much friend!

-Shoday: Hi Shoday, thank you for your words. Well, I want to make a hd night version, but now it is impossible for me because in the next months I go to be very busy. Thanks my friend!

I like this style. Good job!

I like this style and atmosphere. Good job!